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Introducing the last skin mask you’ll ever need. Equally loved by construction workers and estheticians, this mask nourishes your skin and leaves it smooth, silky, and revitalized. It’s formulated with natural ingredients and will quickly become your favorite skin care product. Buy yours today!

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How To Use

Daily Use Highly Recommended for Best Results

Apply the Skin mask to your desired area of skin (apply to skin With or without using water)

Allow the mask to sit on skin between 4-5 minutes  Or less

Wash mask off completely using your favorite choice of soap or body wash bring to a lather continue to wash the mask off using a sponge or wash cloth under warm running water

Dry the skin, make sure the skin mask is washed off completely then apply any type of skin moisturizer 

Note: This is a natural exfoliating mask the mask is intended to remove dead skin and reveal new skin underneath you may experience peeling continue to use the mask daily if peeling occurs discontinue use if skin irritation occurs

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